My story takes place in 1988. I was about 15 years old at the time. Our Family had just relocated from NJ to Hialeah in South Florida. It was quite the culture shock for me. It took a while to adjust to my new environment. We had sort of moved into a house but not without problems. There was an issue with real estate and previous owner of the home. The deal had not been finalized, but it was a big legal mess. My parents also got into various arguments with the previous owner. Threats were involved. The previous owner had lived with her family in that home all her life by the way. Her elderly father had just passed away and she was already frustrated and upset about that. When all was said and done we got the home.

The first month in the home everything was normal. My siblings and I were going to a nearby public school. The Parents were working. Then one day all of a sudden our dog Wendy disappeared. We had her 11 years and had brought her from NJ. She just vanished. She was a mutt but a caring loving Dog. We to this day assume someone left the gate open and she left. Although she was not that sort of dog. She always stayed close to us. It may not be related to the events that occurred later in the home, but it’s when strange things began to happen.

We soon got another dog and named him Max. A handsome German Shepard. He was a good watch dog. One night he started barking. It was around 3am. We went to the living room and he was barking at nothing. This kept happening most every night. Until we put the dog outside. It continued to bark. Eventually Max got sick and died. At that point we stopped getting dogs.


So one night my Mom, who would often wake up a lot in the middle of the night had said she saw a shadow figure in the dark on her way to the kitchen. This gave me the chills. I started to get a feeling I was being watched in the home. I really didn’t believe in that sort of thing though. One night I thought I saw a shadow move in the dark in my living room but dismissed it. We kept seeing the shadows for weeks. It looked like a humanoid figure waving around in the darkness. It blacker than the black of the darkness.

The next incident occurred while I was in school and no one was in the house. Before I go on it should be noted that the windows in my bedroom had Bi Fold Doors. The kind you usually see on a closet. My dad put them up to block the strong sunlight entering my room. So one day I get home from school and my Mom is standing at the door with a pissed off look on her face. As soon as I reach the walkway to the front door she starts screaming at me, who broke the doors on your windows!? I said, what?! Don’t play dumb with me! She said. I said I don’t know what you’re talking about. When I get to my room the Bi Fold Doors are smashed in. It made no sense to me. It was as if a giant fist had punched them in. All I could do was deny it. Dad took down the scattered remains and put up curtains. It was just strange.

The following day my brother and I were listening to music in his bedroom. It was Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz album. While we were listening to the album the needle kept jumping up and down on the record player. I jokingly said, it’s the ghost and we laughed about it. I then got up and screamed, come on ghost! Do something about it if you’re so tough! We laughed. Just then the florescent light bulbs in the ceiling started flickering and sparks started coming out and we ran outta of the room like two cowards. Thinking back now it was hilarious. We screamed, Mom! Mom! She said we were crazy, that it was just a poorly installed light fixture and Dad would fix it. Just another strange moment in that house.


A week later my cousins came to visit. We told them about the strange things that had happened in the home. My Uncle before we had even told him about the strange occurrences in the house had said, this house gives me a bad vibe. Regardless they didn’t believe us. They started laughing. As they were laughing a glass from the kitchen cabinet came flying out and shattered on the floor. Everyone got quiet. My Aunt said, that’s it! I’m out of here. We laughed, but then we all said, seriously what the hell just happened? That was so weird. We started trying to find explanations. Maybe it fell because it was on the edge? We really couldn’t explain it.

That same night that scariest thing ever happened to me. It was bedtime and we were all asleep. I had a dream that night I was walking the streets of an old city out of the 1920's. It felt like I was in this old timey looking silent film. It felt very creepy. This white man in my dream approached me and he was wearing a brown sweater and a black stetson style ivy hat. He looked really angry and without warning he suddenly punched me in the stomach. Right as that happened I woke up in pain and grabbed my stomach and to the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of yellow illuminated figure made of light. The best way to describe it would be those glowing aliens from the film, Cocoon. It was outside my door and had it’s fingers around the edge of the door as if it was being sneaky and quickly left in a blur. I was frozen in fear. I know I locked my door that night. I get chills just writing about it. I know what I saw. Could have I imagined it? I told my family and they were spooked. Dad said it was probably a dream. I don’t know, but I know I definitely saw what I saw. It looked too real to me. It’s something that will stay with me the rest of my life.

A week after that incident I was home alone on a Saturday. It was the afternoon and I was bored and getting sleepy. So I went to take a nap. My bed was against a wall by the way. So anyway I tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. So eventually I sat up and put my back against the wall. I then put my hands against the wall. I felt very weightless. I started slowly crawling up the wall with my back and hands until I was on the ceiling. I could see myself sleeping. I was totally aware of what was happening and wasn’t scared at all. Then suddenly I woke up in bed. I was freaked out. What had just happened to me? Was that an out of body experience? To this day I can’t explain how I did that. Maybe it was a dream but I knew what was happening. I just can’t explain it.

We eventually moved out of that house the same year. My parents had to talk to a lawyer and the real estate company because there was a loophole in the contract with the previous owner. I was too young to understand at the the time. So excuse me if it seems vague. It was adult stuff to me at the time. When my parents got home they told us that the real estate lady told them that previous owners father had died in the house a short time before we had bought the home. Even creepier the real estate lady said he had been sleeping in my room. Because when she did an open house a year ago on the home. She said the father was sick and sleeping in the room to the front of the house. Yep, where I was sleeping. I always thought the father was pissed at us for how we treated his daughter. Anyway, this all happened. If it was paranormal or what I don’t know, but that’s my story.